How HR can Go Paperless in 30 Days

Moving from paper to electronic employee files and digital forms can seem like a huge project, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to take HR paperless in 30 days!

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Ready to get rid of all that paper already?  Maybe you’ve even already tried scanning employee files to a network shared drive.  As you’ve probably already found out – it can be a long and frustrating process to get all of your legacy paper files into an electronic filing system. 

The good new is that there is a quick and easy solution!  Here’s how HR can go paperless in 30 days with a scan-to-cloud filing solution.

Shortcut To Electronic Files

The typical scanning process is long and drawn out.  It typically goes like this: Manually scan each document to your desktop, apply the correct naming convention, creating the appropriate folder structure, and find the right place to save the file, (repeat forever and ever). 

Thankfully, there are filing systems designed to make this process easier.  Enter the Scan-To-Cloud Filing System.  Scan-to-cloud filing systems have built-in tools designed to help automate the conversion paper files.

For existing files, you can convert and file an entire employee folder in one shot, saving the HR team a ton of time.  Simply slide a piece of paper with a barcode in front of each section and scan the whole folder at once.  They system will know exactly how to file everything based off of your barcoded sheets.

No More Paper Forms

Most folders are built from forms that the employee has to sign.  These are commonly found as tax forms, onboarding documents, policy acknowledgements, and the like.  What if you could remove the need to have these forms completed on paper in the first place?

Now HR can have staff review, fill out, and legally sign all of their forms online.  Once completed, they are automatically filed in the employee’s digital folder for easy longterm management.  This way, HR can stop the generation of paper before it even starts. 

Paperless Benefits

Going forward with electronic employee files brings big benefits for the company.  Now HR, Payroll, Leadership, and Supervisor teams can all instantly access the documents they need from anywhere removing any lag-time from common workflows.

Audits are much easier with automated reports to alert HR when staff are missing required documents from their folder, or when a file is coming up for renewal / expiration.  You can even give auditors access to just the files they request remotely so they don’t have to come into the office. 

Best of all, disaster recovery is built-in with a cloud filing system.  All of your documents and data are replicated and backed up in real-time so that nothing is ever lost in the event of a disaster.  This is a huge improvement from paper files that have to be physically moved or manually replicated to ensure safety during a fire, hurricane, tornado, or flood.

Learn More

If you’re ready to get rid of all of the paper in your department, give us a call at DynaFile.  Our scan-to-cloud filing solution has been helping HR department move to electronic files and forms for over 15 years.  

Take your existing files paperless fast then utilize online workflows and cloud document management tools to keep the HR office paperless and running smoothly.

Contact us and see how you, too, can be paperless in 30 days!