Hit the Ground Running in January with Paperless Files and Forms

Want to start 2018 off on the right foot? HR can hit the ground running paperless this January with electronic filing and forms.

Kick off 2018 with a renewed approach! DynaFile offers HR departments the chance to revolutionize their workflows by adopting paperless solutions. Experience efficient paper conversion, seamless electronic onboarding, and simplified file management, all in under 30 days. Ready for a change? Dive into a more efficient HR realm with our free demo today!

Has the Human Resources team become a little wary of wrestling paper this year?  It might be time to consider making the switch to a paperless HR office. 

Moving away from paper towards electronic files and forms can help streamline the entire department.  Best of all, with today’s paperless HR solutions, most HR departments can go paperless in under 30 days

Here’s how to hit the ground running this January with electronic files and forms. 

Paper Conversion Automation

If you want to go paperless fast, look for a filing solution that can help you automate the conversion of your existing paper files.  Some paperless HR solutions include scanning automation tools to help your team take a shortcut to electronic files. 

If you would prefer to let the pro’s do the scanning, some paperless HR solutions work with a partner to convert all of your back files for you.

Electronic Onboarding and Other Forms

Scanning your existing paper files is a big step towards a paperless HR office, but there’s still the challenge of producing more paper in the first place. 

Going paperless with your form and signature processes like employee onboarding can significantly reduce the amount of paper being generated in HR.

Look for a paperless HR solution that includes online forms, electronic signatures and digital workflows.

Streamlined File Management

When your employee files are created and stored electronically, managing that documentation becomes a lot easier.

Paperless HR solutions make compliance nearly automatic.  Features like file audit reports, segmented access rules for different roles, built-in disaster recovery, and much more give time back to the HR team.

Going Paperless in 30 Days

Want to start 2018 on the right foot?  Contact us today to learn more.

DynaFile is a paperless HR solution that has been helping companies achieve a higher level of efficiency for over 15 years.

Convert existing paper fast, replace paper processes with online forms, and easily manage employee files with compliance.

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