Electronic Filing for iCIMS and DocuSign

Streamline HR with an end-to-end paperless solution for filing, onboarding, and other forms.

Elevate your HR processes with DynaFile's seamless integration with iCIMS and DocuSign. Experience efficient electronic onboarding, automatic file creation, and simplified file management. Dive into a paperless HR journey that ensures compliant, accessible, and streamlined operations. Get started with DynaFile today!

These days, paper forms are a thing of the past. For Human Resources professionals, this is fantastic news. Previously paper-intensive processes like employee onboarding or policy acknowledgements can now be completed online. Best of all, forms signed electronically can automatically create the new hire’s folder in the cloud and file everything inside. Here’s how it works!

Electronic Onboarding Process

With an electronic onboarding process, HR uses digital templates for their forms that can be reused time and time again. HR no longer has to waste time printing, copying, scanning, and assembling onboarding packets. When a new hire comes onboard, simply enter their name and email address to start the process.

New hires can review, complete and legally sign all of their onboarding paperwork online. You can send their packet via email, which allows them to complete their forms in advance of their first day on the job. Or, you can have them sign on a computer or tablet on their first day. A copy of their signed forms can be automatically emailed to the new hire when they’re done.

The same method can be used for other paper-heavy processes like handbook and policy acknowledgements.

Automatic Employee File Creation 

Popular onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign can integrate with electronic filing systems like DynaFile. This allows for new hire folders to be automatically created and for all completed onboarding forms to be automatically filed inside.

This process eliminates the need for paper generation both during and after the onboarding process. HR departments using iCIMS can even enjoy a completely paperless filing process from talent discovery through termination. 

Easier Ongoing File Management

When your new hires start paperless from Day 1, managing employee files becomes a lot easier for the HR team. HR, Payroll and managers can all instantly access the files they need from anywhere – without having to make requests back and forth. Segmented access rules ensure only authorized personnel can see sensitive or private information in the system.

Audits also become much easier. Audit reports automatically check the system to ensure staff folders are up-to-date with required files. If you need to provide auditors with documentation, you can give them access to just the files they request remotely – they don’t even need to be in the office to review. 

Taking The Next Steps

If you’re considering moving to an electronic onboarding process and paperless employee files, contact us at DynaFile. Our paperless HR solution has been helping companies go paperless to achieve a higher level of efficiency for over 15 years. Connect to popular onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign to automatically publish completed onboarding forms for easier ongoing file management.

Segment access, track reports, and have your files instantly available from the cloud. Best of all, DynaFile has powerful built-in scanning automation tools that give you a shortcut to electronic employee files. Use our unique scan-to-cloud method to convert entire legacy files at once and for managing miscellaneous paper going forward.