Electronic Employee Files Help Protect Employee Information

It can be a challenge to securely manage staff information. Electronic employee files can help!

Navigate the challenge of securely managing staff data with electronic employee files. Protect private employee information, ensure compliance, and offer restricted access to sensitive data with DynaFile's electronic filing system. Embrace secure, efficient, and user-friendly document management for HR. Contact DynaFile for a smarter approach to employee file management today!

The HR department is responsible for storing and managing information on your staff. Tax information, emergency contact forms, disciplinary actions, performance reviews and more all need to be securely managed in the employee’s folder. It starts to become a challenge when you think about how each employee’s information has to be stored and retrieved by the right employees, at the right time. How can you maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA and keep your employee files secure, yet accessible to authorized staff?

For businesses of all sizes, keeping employee information secure and accessible is sometimes a costly hassle. When managing documents on paper, it is just too easy for files to be lost or misfiled. What if there’s a file audit and you cannot produce the documents being requested? Not to mention the fact that filing cabinet drawers inevitably get left open, making the files inside available to anyone passing by. 

Private information is most likely to be abused by someone the victim knows. Your employee information is least secure when physically exposed to staff. The location you keep documents often has through traffic and multiple uses. Filing cabinets can often include budgets, employee files, business contact information and more. The best way to secure access to your documents is by using an electronic filing system.

An electronic filing system gives you the ability to customize who sees which documents. This gives you very granular control over ensuring only authorized personnel can see the documents they are supposed to see. For example, you can give Payroll staff the ability to only see payroll documents in employee folders; or give managers access to only performance documents for just their own staff. 

This security offers protection for your employees so that you don’t have to spend nearly as much capital, time, or energy in securing documents on site. With electronic employee files, the documents are stored securely online, with access limited to employees and management who need to use the information. 

Please contact us to learn more about using an electronic filing system like DynaFile to help secure and manage your employee files more efficiently.