Segmented Access

Gain full control of your files!

Segmented access gives you complete control over which users have permission to access different types of documents.
Document Management Access Permissions

Maintain rigid security.

DynaFile's segmented access features let you store your files with rigid security. Admins have full control over access permissions or restrictions regarding every available action that a user can perform in the system. These access permissions can be applied to individuals or groups of users. To get even more granular, specific access rights can be applied to individual files, folders and categories of documents. In this way, segmented access features can be used to consolidate information from files traditionally stored in separate locations without sacrificing security and compliance.

User Actions

DynaFile lets you control exactly what users can see and do when they log in.

Document control tools let you allow or restrict access to specific features that users can perform in the system. No matter what the implementation, some employees will need to have a higher authorization level than others. Document control gives you complete power to decide which users should be able to view, modify, share, delete and more.

Document Management User Access Rights
File Management Group Access

Individual & Group Control

Access permissions can be set for individual users or for a group of users.

DynaFile makes it easy to assign access rights for an entire group of users. This comes in handy when setting up authorization for employees in different departments or with various levels of seniority. You can even create groups for external users like auditors, clients and partners.

Document Type Control

Access to specific categories of documents can be controlled by adding document type permissions.

Access permission for individuals and groups can also be applied to any document type that has been created in the system. This is a great way to lock down important information and maintain compliance for specific kinds of documents. You no longer need to keep separate files for protected information. Simply use document type control to limit access to a specific group of employees.

File Security by Folder Section
Segmented File Access Rules

Structured Index Control

Create security rules around multiple indexes to design a more detailed document access plan.

In addition to being able to control access based on specific Document Types, DynaFile gives you the power to get even more granular when designing access rules in the system. You can control access based off of any structured index (drop-down list) value that is set up in your DynaFile system. For example, a DynaFile system for your HR team can allow for access rules to be created for managers so that they can only see specific types of documents within their own staff's folders. 

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