Companies Look to Paperless HR Solutions for Improved Employee File Access

Paperless HR solutions give companies the power of eliminating record silos to consolidate files while improving compliance.

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Has accessing employee files become a challenge at your organization? It’s a problem that is all too common for Human Resources professionals. The speed at which paper files can go from tidy to a disorganized mess is astounding.

Many companies are now moving to a paperless HR solution to help manage critical employee information. Here are some of the reasons why:

Instant File Retrieval

With a paperless HR solution, your employee files are securely stored in the cloud. Team members from different offices can access the files they need instantly without the lag time usually associated with retrieving documents. 

Since your files no longer need to be physically stored at the office, disaster recover is also one less thing your team has to worry about. Your documents are automatically backed up to ensure they are available to your team at all times. 

Easier Document Management

Maintaining compliance can be tricky when managing employee files on paper. Any documentation considered private or sensitive needs to be stored in a separate folder to ensure only authorized staff can see it.

One of the best parts about a paperless HR solution is that you can consolidate your employee files while actually improving compliance. With electronic employee files, you can consolidate documents from different sensitive folders like Medical, Benefits and I-9 into the same filing system. Simply use access rules to ensure HR, Payroll, Leadership and Managers can only see the types of documents they are authorized to see. Everything else in the system is completely hidden to them to maintain compliance.

Electronic employee files also give your team the advantage of utilizing automated reports for things like file audits. A file audit report, for example, can show your team exactly which files are missing or expired in staff members folders. That way, when audit time arrives, you can be sure all folders are up-to-date with the required documentation. You can even make the files the auditor is requesting securely available to them online so they don’t have to come into the office to do their audit. 

Electronic Forms & Onboarding

If you’re storing and managing your employee files electronically, why continue to use paper forms? Paperless HR solutions make it easy to get forms completed and signed online. 

Due to the high volume of forms, the onboarding process is the most common place to start. HR can create templates for all their forms, design the routing and workflow that goes along with the signing process, and have everything filled out and signed online. Once finished, completed forms are automatically filed in the employee’s digital folder.

Although onboarding is the most popular scenario, you can use the process above for just about any type of documentation that typically gets filled out and signed through HR. Once your team is comfortable using it for onboarding, you can always expand to policy acknowledgements, PTO request forms, performance appraisals – the options are limitless!

Getting Started

If you’re interested in moving to electronic employee files, give us a call today at DynaFile. Our paperless HR solution has been helping organizations operate more efficiently for over 15 years. Change your existing paper into electronic employee files fast, replace pen-and-paper processes with online forms and esignatures, and manage all of your HR documents easier going forward. Contact us for a free demo below!