City Counsels Embrace Paperless Office to Save Time & Money

Making the move to a paperless office brings a lot of benefits for an organization. Even city counsels are embracing the change!

City councils are harnessing the power of paperless solutions to achieve significant time and cost savings. Witness the transformative journey of Sidney, Ohio, and New Bedford as they modernize operations. Interested in a similar transition? Explore DynaFile's unparalleled paperless solution with a free demo today.

Transitioning to a paperless office is something that is very appealing to a lot of organizations. Even government entities are starting to embrace it! The city council of Sidney, Ohio has announced that it is going paperless by converting their paper-based system into a full, electronic data management system. Its members will be using tablets and air cards to connect to the internet to replace physical paperwork. The city expects to save a total of approximately $9,350 per year due to their implementation of this paperless system (their eliminated expenses include copy costs and clerk overtime).

In other news, another city council is also switching in the process of switching to a paperless office. They are getting started with an electronic system comprised mainly of tablet and mobile use to replace their physical paperwork system. The City Council of New Bedford will be doing all of their council agendas on tablets. The council has disclosed that they use approximately 100,000 paper sheets each year, which amounts to approximately $5,000 worth of paper. All that paper will no longer be needed by next year as they’ll have fully gone paperless! The council is especially pleased that they get to save money and the environment at the same time. Best of all, the council states that they will be saving a tremendous amount of time when completing agenda items since all the relevant background information will now automatically pop up rather than be manually searched for through stacks of paper. Thus they will effectively be saving the environment, taxpayer money, and time!

The benefits of going paperless are clear. By switching to an electronic system, files can be stored with a higher level of organization, be retrieved instantly and controlled more securely. This all equates to significant savings in cost, but even more so in time. For example, just take a look at how much an HR department can save by going paperless. You may not realize it, but using and maintaining a paper-based filing system can be extremely costly!

If your organization is interested in going paperless, contact us today at DynaFile. Our paperless office solution has been helping companies operate more efficiently for over a decade. Scanning automation features help to convert your back files fast. Moving forward, all documentation can be accessed securely from anywhere, at any time. Contact us for a free demo!