Auto-Filing: 3 Ways it Benefits Your Company

Spending too much time filing and retrieving documents? Time to learn about auto-filing.

Discover the transformative power of auto-filing for your business. With DynaFile's electronic filing system, tap into enhanced disaster recovery, never lose a document, and achieve precise indexing for quick retrievals. Step into the future of organized, cost-effective document management. Connect with us for more insights!

Before the information technology revolution, businesses organized themselves around paper files kept in cabinets. These files were organized and accessed by filing clerks; employees whose sole job was to do what we now accomplish with a click of a mouse.

Most businesses let go of their filing clerks and computerized their information systems decades ago. Today, we can all go one step further by auto-filing our business documents directly to the cloud. Automatic filing has a variety of benefits recognized through saving time for your staff and increasing the level of organization within your office. Auto-filing to a cloud based system reduces risks and saves your business time and money.

Reduce Disaster Recovery Risk

Auto-filing to a cloud filing system reduces the risk to your company in case of a localized disaster. If your files are stored only on-site, a fire or flood could destroy all copies of your documents and shut your business permanently. Auto-filing to a cloud-based system makes it easier for your business to recover in case of a disaster.

Never Lose Another File Again

According to The Paperless Office Project, the average cost of finding a lost document is $122. Auto-filing ensures that your documents are always stored a click away and indexing makes it easier to find the right document quickly.

Index Documents by Metadata and Type

Auto-filing allows you to index your documents using metadata and document type. Imagine an employment contract for Mr. Robinson. If you store this document in a folder on your hard drive, you must decide whether to put it in the folder for Mr. Robinson or the folder for employment contracts. With auto-filing, you can index the document by both attributes, making it easy to find whether you are looking for information about Mr. Robinson or want to analyze all of your employment contracts.

If you would like to learn more about auto-filing and electronic filing in general, please contact us at DynaFile. Our electronic filing system has been helping companies reduce risk, become more organized and cut down on costs for over 15 years.