After iCIMS, DynaFile Helps HR Centralize File Management

DynaFile now connects with iCIMS for automatic filing and easy long-term file management after onboarding.

Boost HR efficiency with DynaFile’s seamless integration with iCIMS. Streamline your post-onboarding file management, centralize records, and empower your HR team with automated filing and easy access. Dive into 15+ years of expertise. Contact us to unveil the future of HR document management and witness a transformative demo today!

iCIMS is a popular talent acquisition suite that includes savvy tools for recruiting through onboarding.  Now iCIMS users can also tap into the power of DynaFile to streamline HR file management after onboarding.  

Connect To iCIMS

DynaFile’s integration with iCIMS allows for automatic filing after the onboarding process has been completed.  The new hire’s folder is automatically created in DynaFile, with all iForms filed in the correct location inside.  All of your access rules around sensitive documents are automatically applied and the newly added forms are immediately visible in audit reports.  This integration requires the iCIMS Connector (available from iCIMS). 

Centralize HR File Management

After iCIMS, DynaFile helps the HR team centralize file management.  Consolidate employee documentation across iCIMS, paper, locations, groups, and different systems to eliminate record silos.  DynaFile also includes scanning automation tools to quickly convert paper folders and easily manage paper going forward. 

Give Time Back to the HR Team

DynaFile helps save HR professionals time when filing and managing employee documentation.  Use audit reports to ensure staff have all required forms in their folder and to keep track of renewable/expiring documentation.  Use powerful access rules to control exactly who can see sensitive types of files in the system, segment access for different roles, and provide limited access to managers or auditors.  With a couple of clicks, your teams can access the files they need instantly, from anywhere, at any time. 

Learn More and See a Demo

DynaFile has been helping organizations improve file management in the HR space for over 15 years.  Contact us today to learn more about the DynaFile document management solution for HR and our integration with iCIMS for automatic filing after onboarding.