About DynaFile

Cloud document management made easy!

A unique scan-to-cloud solution for managing your files.

Need a practical document management solution?

DynaFile is scan to cloud document management software that lets you go paperless fast! Companies use DynaFile to convert their paper to electronic files, streamline workflows and manage documents easier from the cloud. With flexible options to meet the needs of any area of business, DynaFile can be tailored specifically for your division or department. 

Main Benefits

Here are some of the benefits DynaFile customers enjoy:

  • Instant access to files from anywhere
  • Automated paper to electronic backfile conversion
  • Easily add files no matter what format, including paper
  • Full control of access rights for users and groups
  • Custom file audit reports to keep folder up-to-date
  • Secure file sharing via encrypted links
  • DocuSign integration for online forms, esignatures and digital workflows


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Our story begins in Denver, Colorado in 2001...

DynaFile™ was developed by Blue Ribbon Technologies based out of Denver, Colorado in 2001. Recognizing that the power of the internet provided a large opportunity for companies to streamline and off-load their mundane day-to-day management of documents, Blue Ribbon set off on a mission to develop an application that would allow companies to manage their documents in an efficient manner.

Keeping the cornerstone of simplicity and ease of use first and foremost in mind during the development process, DynaFile™ was created to help companies easily share and control their paper files. DynaFile™ quickly carved out a unique position in the marketplace by offering a turn-key, web based solution that allowed customers to get up and running with the system in a matter of minutes without having any need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Offering the capabilities to start off small and phase in a paperless methodology over time without the burden and costs associated with an in-house solution, DynaFile™ has been the document management software of choice for all companies, large or small, that wish to gain better control over their files...


Strategic partnerships help us build powerful business solutions.

DynaFile has partnerships with scanning service companies, esignature providers, HR onboarding software, digital workflow solutions and more. Contact us to learn more about DynaFile partnerships or to find out how to become a partner yourself.


We know that our employees are our most valuable asset.

DynaFile offices are located just outside of Denver, Colorado. If you are looking for a career in cloud document management software, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about current available positions at DynaFile. 

DynaFile in Action

Helping Companies Go Paperless For Over 20 years