91% of Managers are Unhappy with Your Onboarding Process

Did you know that 91% of managers are unhappy with their company’s onboarding process? Paperless employee onboarding can help.

Transform your onboarding process and satisfy the 91% of managers unhappy with traditional methods. DynaFile’s paperless onboarding system not only streamlines HR tasks but also offers new hires a seamless, paperwork-free start. Let's redefine the onboarding experience. Request a free demo now!

Did you know that a recent study by ADP found that only 9% of managers are happy with their organization’s onboarding process? That is a dismally low figure from those interacting with your staff on a day-to-day basis. If 91% of managers are unhappy with your onboarding process, just think of how your new-hires feel. The question is, “How can we improve our onboarding process?” The answer may lie with a paperless onboarding solution.

Going paperless improves the onboarding experience.

“The first days and weeks on the job for new employees are crucial and make or break a new employee’s impression on whether or not they want to stay. It is both an exciting and stressful time. The last thing a new hire wants to do is sit in isolation, wading through mounds of paperwork.” – Anna Carsen, ADP. Think back to your first day on the job and I’m sure you will agree with Anna. No new employee wants to waste their first day with a stack of relentless paperwork. The good news is, with a paperless onboarding process, your new staff can review, fill out and legally sign all onboarding documents online BEFORE their first day on the job. Your new hires show up on Day 1 ready to join the team and hit the ground running. Don’t stifle their enthusiasm with a day full of paper-pushing.

Paperless onboarding saves a ton of time for HR.

Assembling paper onboarding packets can be a real chore. It involves a lot of printing, copying, scanning, stapling and review before all is said and done. If your organization has a high turnover rate or is growing quickly, using this paper onboarding process can be incredibly tedious. With a paperless onboarding process, your HR team will have templates for all of your different onboarding packets ready to go. When a new employee is hired, HR simply has to select the appropriate onboarding packet and enter the new-hire’s name and email address. Workflow and routing for the packets can even be built directly into those onboarding templates so you know the appropriate people have always reviewed the information they were supposed to. Best of all, completed and signed onboarding documents are automatically filed in that new employee’s folder automatically.

Learn more about paperless onboarding.

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