4 Advantages of an Electronic Employee Filing System for 2023

Discover the Top Benefits of Upgrading Your HR Employee Document Management Solution for the New Year

Discover the Top Benefits of Upgrading Your HR Employee Document Management Solution for the New Year

Managing HR employee files with outdated and manual paper-based filing systems can be exhausting, and it takes valuable time away from focusing on core business goals. By adopting a digital employee document management solution and automating processes, you improve workflow efficiencies and can create an entirely paperless employee records management lifecycle. 

With the New Year just around the corner, now is an ideal time to rethink your HR document management strategy so you can get a jump on January and gain momentum for a successful 2023. 

Let’s look at some of the top benefits of moving to an electronic Human Resource filing system

1. Increased Efficiency 
If you are managing paper-based HR documents across multiple locations or have personnel files scattered throughout numerous legacy systems with inconsistent file naming conventions, tracking down a single employee record can cost you hours weekly. Even if your company has a great HCM in place, that software often has limitations regarding employee document management. In the end, inefficient and administratively cumbersome filing practices mean your team is always playing catchup on their daily tasks and never getting to the work that matters.

DynaFile’s secure, cloud-based platform centralizes your employee files to give you instant access to essential documents, saving hours weekly and increasing productivity. Powerful integrations will enable you to seamlessly connect with HCM systems like Workday to collect employee documents in your secure DynaFile cloud for faster filing and retrieval. Documents are filed with metadata, so with a simple Index Search, an employee’s electronic file is in your hands with just a couple of clicks.

On top of that, you can implement an end-to-end electronic employee onboarding process for new employees and go digital with online forms and esignatures. Integrations with DocuSign, signNow, JotForm, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign allow new hires to fill out and legally sign all their onboarding documents online before their first day. Once completed, all onboarding paperwork is automatically filed in the employee’s folder, creating a completely paperless employee filing lifecycle.

2. Improved Accuracy
A significant disadvantage of a paper-based system is that it is difficult to track down certain information when needed. All too frequently, it might be misfiled, lying on an employee’s desk, sitting in your inbox, or lost among overstuffed filing cabinets. 

By digitizing employee records, the likelihood of documents missing, misfiled, or even lost en route to other departments or locations is removed from the equation. If a form is filled out incorrectly, any errors can instantly be corrected across the entire employee folder. Additionally, a centralized electronic document management system can also provide version control, ensuring everyone is working with the most updated employee files.

3. Improved Record Compliance
Keeping employee records up to date can be highly tedious, and the HR team is responsible for ensuring employee files are managed with compliance. When an auditor inevitably requests to check on your files, HR must know their records are current with all required information. 

A centralized digital employee filing solution will reduce time-consuming administrative tasks dealing with employee records storage and retention and create audit readiness. DynaFile’s built-in compliance toolkit helps you stay organized with audit reports, role-based access, and retention schedules.  

Custom audit reports ensure your employee folders are updated with all required documents so your team is always prepared for an audit. When making your files available to the auditor, give them limited access to just the requested files through encrypted document links.

In addition, policies and procedures are often changing, and waiting for on traditional paper systems can mean you may gain signatures the same day those forms are outdated. By utilizing integrations with digital signature platforms, you can quickly and easily gain secure sign-off from all employees across the company without using a single printed piece of paper. 

4. Increased Security
Handling sensitive employee records is a serious task, and HR is entrusted that confidential staff files do not get into the wrong hands. An effective digital document management system safeguards employees’ private data, including protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII). 

Utilizing a cloud document management system provides secure, instant access to your staff files regardless of where your admin or HR team is located. Other security features, such as segmented access rules, let you keep one comprehensive file per employee without sacrificing compliance. You can assign your team members to access only the staff folders and types of documents they should be authorized to view, giving you precise control over what any user (or group of users) can do or see inside the system.

For additional security and compliance, DynaFile automatically tracks both file access and actions performed in your system using a comprehensive audit trail. By monitoring “digital footprints,” you can see which documents any given user has viewed, downloaded, or shared, and the usage log also allows for more targeted tracking. For example, suppose you notice an outdated version of your handbook is being uploaded to the file system. In that case, you can work backward to find the team member committing the error and correct the mistake directly.

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Give time back to your team to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business goals forward. Update your HR employee document management solution to one with a proven track record of providing robust digital filing solutions to boost compliance, create audit readiness, and streamline workflows.

Learn why successful HR leaders have trusted DynaFile as their employee file management solution for over 20 years. Contact our team today for more information about paperless HR employee file management!

“Great experience overall. 
It made digitizing our personnel and training files a breeze. That ease of use saves a lot of headaches. The multiple options to get documents into the system is a plus. We are able to give controlled access to regulators as needed so they can check on the information they are looking for without having to provide any sort of paper file.”
– Becky M. | Chief People Officer