2020 Solutions for Personnel Forms in the HR Department

Are there still gaps in the HR signature process?  Use these tips to fine tune your 2020 personnel form process and start next year strong. 

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Paper forms are still a reality for many professionals in the Human Resources department.  Even if some forms can be completed and signed digitally, there is often an opportunity to streamline the process further.  Here are a few solutions for personnel forms to get your team ready for 2020. 

Custom Templates

One of the most common challenges with your HRIS or Payroll system’s “onboarding” module is the limitation on types of forms that can be completed.  Many times you are limited to only standardized tax forms.  

But, what about forms that are specific to your organization or industry?  There are tons of companies that still use paper forms for things like policy acknowledgements, performance evaluations, employee change forms, PTO requests, and more. 

A digital signature solution that is flexible enough to handle your custom forms is essential for driving paper out of the HR department.  DocuSign, for example, is a popular option that does not limit the types of forms that can be used.

Automatic Filing

After forms are completed and signed digitally, where do they land?  A lot of HR teams find that their HRIS or Payroll system does not provide a compliant way to manage employee documents digitally.  So, onboarding forms are still printed and added to a traditional paper personnel folder. 

An electronic filing solution that is designed for HR should make long-term compliance easy.  DynaFile, for example, will automatically file your completed forms in the cloud after the signature process.  Each form is tagged individually so the system can:

  1. Save all documents in the correct location;
  2. Control access to sensitive documents like I-9 and Medical;
  3. Show you missing or expiring documents in staff folders

Audit Tracking

Receiving a file request from an auditor can be a stressful scenario, but it doesn’t have to be.  With your personnel files being tracked, you can always be sure staff folders are up-to-date with required documents. 

Reports can show your team if folders are missing documents or include forms that need to be updated.  You can even provide a secure link to auditors so they receive a copy of the documents they request remotely.

Next Steps for 2020

If you would like to fine tune your forms and file management process for 2020, contact us today.  DynaFile provides a shortcut to the cloud and lasting compliance tools that save HR time long-term. 

Take a look at how organizations like San Diego Zoo utilize DynaFile and DocuSign to streamline the HR department:

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