The Best Document Management Software for 2018 Takes HR Paperless Fast

The best document management systems for 2018 will be cloud software that makes it easy to take the Human Resources team paperless fast.

Step into 2018 with the most advanced document management software tailored for HR. Optimize paper-heavy departments, expedite your transition with scan-to-cloud systems, and sustain a paper-free environment with digital workflows. Launch your paperless journey this year - reach out to us and see how we can transform your document management.

It can be tricky trying to find the best document management software. 2018 can be the year that the company finally moves away from paper and towards a more efficient electronic filing system. There’s only one catch – you need a practical plan to go paperless.

Who produces the most paper?

The best document management software in 2018 will make it easy to optimize teams that produce and manage the most paper, like the Human Resources department.  Focus on these areas of business first to avoid creating more work for yourself down the line. 

When can we be paperless?

Depending on the size of your company and current archive, the timeline for a paperless filing project can vary through 2018. The best document management solutions will make it possible to take an entire department paperless fast to meet your goals.

Look for “scan-to-cloud” filing systems that help automate paper conversion by removing many of the usual steps in the scanning process. The Human Resources team, for example, can use scanning automation to do the project in-house, or outsource it to a scanning company to be paperless in 30 days

How can we stay paperless?

Scanning to an electronic filing system is an excellent first step towards going paperless, but there is still the problem of producing the paper in the first place. 2018’s best document management software will make it easy to replace pen-and-paper processes with online forms, esignatures, and digital workflows. 

With a focus on common processes like employee onboarding, for example, the HR office can keep operations nearly paper-free and 100% digital. 

Where do we start?

If you’re interested in moving away from paper files and forms to a more efficient electronic filing solution, contact us today to get started.