Paperless Onboarding: Hiring for the Future

Paperless onboarding can significantly reduce stress and free up time for both new hires and HR staff.

Unleash the future of hiring with paperless onboarding. Streamline the hiring process, reduce stress for HR and new hires, and ensure legality with electronic documents and signatures. Imagine hiring without the hassle of paperwork! Dive into a more efficient onboarding experience and discover how you can reclaim hours of work each week. Interested? Contact us now for a free demo and embrace the future!

Hiring can be one of the most complicated parts of running a business. There’s so much paperwork. There are applications, tax forms, and numerous things to sign. Can you imagine what it would be like to hire someone without creating or processing a single sheet of paper? It is possible! Paperless onboarding is no longer a dream, it exists. Here are a few notes.

Electronic documents

Of course, with paperless onboarding, everything happens online. You’ll have to upload all of your forms and files once, but once everything’s there, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. There is even software to help you digitize your forms. Even if you’re only using paper right now, you can upload a scan of a form, and then replace fields with digital input boxes. Fields can even be validated, just like on a website. Everything is done online, which means new hires can review, complete and sign everything before their first day. This can significantly reduce stress for your new hire as well as HR staff. 


You may be wondering about how employees will sign all of the forms. There are, of course, numerous places where employees are expected to sign, and the law requires it. The good news is that electronic signatures can be used to sign all of their onboarding forms without the need for any printing, copying or scanning.

It’s legal

Any HR employee’s biggest fear is getting in trouble with the law, but as long as you go through a reputable company, the entire process is legal. The law makes allowances for paperwork to be done online, and in this case, everything is just as official as if it were done in person. 

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With the proper use of a system like this, you could eliminate entire filing cabinets from your office, and dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of work per week. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us for a free demo.