Paperless Onboarding Gives Time Back to HR

HR generates and manages a ton of paperwork. A paperless employee onboarding process significantly reduces paper and increases efficiency across the entire department.

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Traditionally, HR has been a department that generates and stores an enormous amount of paper.  Between hiring, firing, training, and managing employees – and retaining documentation on all of the above – HR has had an ever-increasing amount of paper work to deal with. But advances in technology have enabled easier and more reliable ways to capture and retain the needed documentation. One of the areas that can most benefit from a paperless system is your onboarding process.

Having a formal employee onboarding procedure serves several purposes, not the least of which is ensuring that all incoming employees receive specific information on certain federal, state, and company regulations and policies. For example, FMLA-covered employers are required to train new hires on their rights and responsibilities under the FMLA. But along with providing the information, it is equally important that employers be able to prove that such training was provided, especially in the event of a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled former or current employee.

Fortunately, implementing a paperless onboarding system can improve both the efficiency and reliability of your onboarding process. Rather than tying up one or more of your HR staff printing and/or gathering all needed forms, and then spending hours reviewing them with the new hire, you can instead send the documents to the new hire to complete prior to the first day of work, so the employee is ready to hit the ground running. The system can make sure all needed forms are completed so your staff won’t have to spend valuable time later tracking down the new hire to obtain a missed signature. And electronic onboarding eliminates the need for tedious filing – the system will automatically place the documents in the employee’s personnel file once they have been completed.

But an even bigger advantage of an electronic onboarding system is the ease with which documents can be retrieved when needed. Instead of having to sift through file cabinets full of personnel files, hoping the one you are looking for hasn’t been misfiled or lost, you can simply type in the employee’s name and view all the information you need. You will be especially appreciative of this convenience should you ever need to collect employment documentation for an unemployment hearing, EEO audit, or legal proceeding!

For more information about how converting to a paperless onboarding system can benefit your HR department, contact us today. DynaFile is a paperless employee onboarding solution that helps Human Resources operate more efficiently. New hires can review, fill out and legally sign all onboarding documentation completely digitally before their first day in the office. They can even attach supporting documentation like a voided check for direct deposit or a photo ID. Contact us today for a free demo!