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Online Employee Files Help HR Avoid Legal Minefield

Keeping personnel records secure and organized is a real challenge with serious consequences. Online employee files can help your HR department avoid a legal minefield.

"Handling employee records is no longer a minor logistical headache. It's a legal minefield and one little misstep can literally blow your company - and career - away." - Business Management Daily.

What does this mean and how can you avoid it? Well, security is the most lethal bomb that can hit your HR department. Once files are accessed, your ability to protect documents is questioned for a long time. Is that file cabinet secure? If a person is in the file cabinet looking for folder A, how do you keep them from looking at other folders that they may or may not be authorized to view? Keeping employee files organized and secure is no easy task when you're dealing with paper documents. Things become much simpler, however, when you begin to manage those files electronically. Online file systems are especially useful for HR departments because they provide instant document retrieval for authorized parties, but include security features that restrict access for those that don't need it. Consider a secure system that has user, document, and folder-level permissions for your online employee files. Administration can decide who sees what, and has a record of what individuals have viewed and changed.

But wait - you're not out of the minefield yet. Organization is the next most lethal bomb. If you're currently using a traditional paper-based filing system to manage your employee files you already know this. How long does it take you to find information if you have to rummage through filing cabinets? If you need a file on an employee, do you send someone to the file cabinet to look through all of the files? Or are there so many of them that you need to put in a request and wait just to receive the information you're looking for? Instead, think about having all of your personnel documents being organized by employee, document type, version, author, etc. Now you can search for forms and other documents by these specific fields or pull up the entire employee file as a whole. This allows you to instantly find the documents that are critical to your daily tasks instead of waiting hours or days for the approved employee to find what you need.

In that legal minefield of employee records, are you using the file system that is putting your company at risk? Or, are you protecting those records by moving them from the middle of the minefield to the protective custody of an online filing cabinet? Contact us today to learn more about managing your employee files online.

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