Online HR Filing Cabinet Makes Employee File Management Easy

Storing employee files on paper is a thing of the past. An online HR filing cabinet makes managing files easy.

Move beyond traditional paperwork and step into the future with our Online HR Filing Cabinet. Easily manage personnel files, ensure security, and streamline HR processes. Discover how DynaFile’s paperless HR solution can revolutionize your department. Contact us for a demo and embrace efficiency.

Most Human Resources departments have huge amounts of paperwork and many HR professionals spend a lot of time processing personnel documents. An average personnel file contains more than 40 different records. The moment a prospective employee fills out an application for a job at your company; their employee file begins and continues to grow throughout their career. The volume of files and information for each employee can be overwhelming. Storage and management of personnel documents in paper format is no longer a sustainable option for most HR departments.

An online HR filing cabinet is an excellent system that Human Resource departments can use to go paperless. Scanning automation tools scan, index and file documents in the correct location, in a secure virtual cabinet. You can access it from almost anywhere and share files as needed. It is a centralized electronic cabinet for storing personnel files that allows your team to reach the files they need quicker.

Streamlining: Scanning automation transforms your paper files to electronic format quickly and easily. Your staff can then virtually print or save documents into an employee’s folder from any application they are working in. Online forms, electronic signatures and automated workflows let you take your pen-and-paper processes like employee onboarding completely paperless.

Secure Storage: Online filing keeps your information safe. The documents are stored offsite and automatically backed up. You can add custom document control for specific users to make sure that only authorized individuals view important data. A bonus feature is you can securely share files by using encrypted document links instead of unsecured, bulky e-mail attachments.

Are you interested in an online filing cabinet for your HR department? DynaFile’s paperless HR solution allows you to take the entire department paperless fast. From there, stay paperless by taking your pen-and-paper processes to the cloud. DynaFile provides easy file management, automatic audit reports, paperless onboarding and more. Contact us today for more information and a free demo.