HR Uses Scanning Automation to File Personnel Records in the Cloud

HR is moving away from paper this year and managing employee files easier from the cloud. Here’s how to use scanning automation for a shortcut to a paperless HR office.

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Going from paper to electronic employee files can give the HR team a huge boost.  And, these days, the switch can be easy with the right tools.

Here’s how the Human Resources team can use scanning automation to take a shortcut to electronic employee files and a paperless HR office.

Scanning Automation

Some electronic filing systems have built-in tools designed to make paper conversion quick.  Look for these scan-to-cloud filing systems in order to skip many of the steps in traditional scanning process.

Barcode Recognition is a popular way to convert and file an entire folder at once.  Just slide a few barcoded cover sheets in front of each section and the system will know exactly how to file everything based off of your barcode breakdown. 

Batch Processing is also a great way to get a stack of unrelated paperwork into the system and organize it on-screen.

Paperless Onboarding

The employee onboarding process can produce a ton of paper.  By having new hires complete their forms electronically, much of the paper that is usually found in an employee’s folder can be digital from the start. 

Staff can complete other forms like policy acknowledgements or performance appraisals the same way to cut back on extra paper going forward.

Powerful File Management

With your employee files saved in the cloud, document management becomes much easier:

Different teams can access the files they need instantly, from anywhere.

Audits become stress-free with file reports and remote access for auditors.

Compliance is simple with automated backups and built-in disaster recovery.

How To Get Started

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