HR Uses Scan to Cloud Filing System for a Shortcut to Electric Files

Starting with electronic employee files and paperless onboarding this January is simple. Here’s how HR can get there fast with a scan to cloud filing system.

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Switching away from paper forms and files to a more digital office environment can happen quicker than you might think.  Many times, HR teams can go paperless in 30 days or less with a scan to cloud filing system.

Here’s how your Human Resources department can start paperless this January with scan to cloud filing. 

Scanning Automation

Scan-to-cloud filing systems are a unique type of electronic filing solution.  These solutions include scanning automation tools designed to work directly with the filing system for a shortcut to electronic files.

Barcode Sheets can be used to convert and file an entire folder for an employee at once.

Going forward, Batch Processing makes it easy to add paper to different staff folders in bulk.

If you have a lot of paper already piled up or don’t have the bandwidth to do your scanning project in-house, you can also use a scanning company to convert all of your initial paper files for you. 

Electronic Onboarding

Once you’ve eliminated most of the current paper in the office, it’s time to think about reducing the production of that paper in the first place.

A lot of times, Human Resources professionals find that much of the paper coming across their desk is created in the onboarding process.

These days, pen-and-paper processes like onboarding can be replaced with online forms, esignatures, and automated workflows.  The same methods can be used for other common forms, too, like policy acknowledgements, performance appraisals, and more.

Going Paperless in 30 Days

Interested in starting HR paperless in January?  DynaFile’s scan to cloud filing solution makes it easy to switch to electronic.

Use scanning automation tools for a shortcut to electronic files or use our conversion partner to do the scanning for you.

Going forward, paperless workflows replace clumsy paper processes like onboarding, file audits are automated, and compliant file management is easier than ever.

Contact us for a free demo to see if DynaFile is a good fit for your HR team.