HR Upgrades to Online Files and Forms to Streamline the Whole Department

Thinking of making the move to electronic employee files and a paperless onboarding process? You’re not alone! Here’s how HR teams are upgrading this year.

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Eliminating all of the paper that comes across your desk may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s not.  All over the US and across the world, organizations are switching away from paper.  The benefits of electronic employee files and paperless form processes are too big too ignore.

Here are some of the ways going paperless gives time back to Human Resources professionals.

Online Forms

Much of the paper that’s kept in employee folders is created from the onboarding process.  By having new hires complete their forms electronically, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper produced from Day 1. 

New staff can now review, complete, and electronically sign their documentation online or at a device in your office.  Better yet, this strategy isn’t limited to employee onboarding.  You can extend the same process out for other forms like policy acknowledgements, performance appraisals, and more.

Automatic Filing

Reducing the amount of paper used for forms is an excellent first step, but what happens afterwards?  Many companies still wind up printing after onboarding.

With the right HR filing system, completed forms can be automatically filed in the employee’s folder for you.  There is no need to print and scan, or to split apart large PDF’s.

Best of all, your access and reporting rules are automatically applied as your new hire documents are filed, ensuring consistency.

Easier File Management

With all of your employee documentation in the cloud, file management becomes much easier for the HR team.

Audits become stress-free with automated reports to alert your team of missing or expiring documents in staff folders.  You can even make requested files securely available to auditors off-site.

Keeping sensitive documents locked down electronically is also much simpler than duplicate files across multiple filing cabinets.  You can assign access to HR, Payroll, supervisors and other staff by a number of categories like the employee’s status, department, region, office location, folder section, document type, expiration date, etc.

Going digital also affords fast filing all around.  You can automate existing paper conversion with scan-to-cloud tools, and easily deal with daily additions to employee folders.  Drag-and-drop or scan directly to employee folders in the cloud. 

Learn More

DynaFile has been helping companies take HR paperless for over 15 years.  The unique scan-to-cloud filing solution allows your team to take an entire department paperless in 30 days. 

Integrations with popular onboarding and e-signature solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign provide a seamless paperless process for forms and filing.  Going forward, file management is a breeze with segmented access, audit reports, document links, and more.

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