How to Choose the Best Document Management Software in 2015

The best document management software for your business depends on a variety of factors. Here’s how to choose the best document management software in 2015.

Are you looking for the best document management software? Shopping around can be challenging with so many options on the market. The truth is, the best document management software for your company may not be the best solution for another business. There are a variety of factors to think about when browsing different document management solutions.

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating different vendors and trying to find the best document management software in 2015.

Cloud Document Management vs. In-House Solutions

Cloud document management software – or a “hosted” solution – is one in which your system is located on a server that is outside of your offices. There are a variety of benefits that go along with cloud solutions. If the area of business you are shopping for would benefit from any of the following features, you may consider going with cloud document management software. Some benefits of hosted solutions:

  • Do not require a dedicated IT team to maintain
  • Instant access to your documents from anywhere, at any time
  • Quick, easy collaboration between team members in different offices
  • Simple to share documents with both staff and external parties

Paper Scanning vs. Completely Digital

Another thing to consider when looking for the best document management software for your business is whether or not you will need to do a lot of scanning. If you are coming from a paper filing system and plan to get your existing files into electronic format, you will need a practical way to digitize all of those documents and get them into your new system. Look for document management software that includes scanning automation or scan-to-cloud tools. These will help you automate the conversion of paper files to digital. 

Keep in mind, also, that you can only go as paperless as your staff, partners and clients. If you foresee that you will still be receiving a decent amount of paper on an ongoing basis, make sure the document management solution you choose includes an easy way to deal with those miscellaneous paper files coming in as well. Batch processing is a feature to keep an eye out for.

Paperless Processes vs. Old School

Once you have gotten your new document management software up and running, you may want to take some of your pen and paper processes digital as well. For example, many departments produce the majority of their paper when dealing with forms and other documentation that needs to be filled out and signed. Online forms and esignatures can replace traditional pen-and-paper processes. If you want to go truly paperless, be sure to look into document management software that includes these features. 

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If you would like to learn more about finding the best document management software for your business in 2015, contact us today. DynaFile is a scan-to-cloud document management software that has been helping companies operate more efficiently for over 15 years. Our scanning automation tools help you go paperless fast and easily handle miscellaneous paper coming in. Cloud document storage gives you instant access to your file from anywhere, at any time. And, with robust security features, you have complete control over exactly who can access what in the system. Best of all, integrated online forms and esignatures let you take your paper processes completely digital from day one. Contact us today for a free demo!