Employee Files in Cloud are Making Document Management Easier for HR

Human Resources professionals are moving towards cloud document management solutions more and more these days for an easier way to administer employee files. 

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Cloud document management solutions for HR can bring big benefits to the entire team.  When HR can spend less time worrying about saving, finding, and keeping track of files – everyone wins. 

A good HR file management system will allow your team to consolidate files for easier management while automating redundant processes.  This allows HR to focus less on the mundane and more on people-oriented goals.  Here are some of the ways to achieve this with an HR filing solution like DynaFile.

Eliminate Record Silos

When it comes to filing in the cloud, there are three main flavors for HR: Cloud Storage, In-House File Share, and Cloud Document Management. 

Lots of HR departments evaluate the document storage that is offered through their HRIS, but tend to run into issues in a few key areas.  Most importantly, files can be hard to keep organized, you may not have the ability to control access to sensitive documents, and there may not be a way to know if someone’s folder is incomplete. 

In-house file shares tend to have the same issues as HRIS storage, plus a few extra red flags.  An in-house system adds the burden of your IT team being required to keep the system and environment running smoothly.  There can then be a compliance problems that occurs if IT has access to the files. 

A true cloud document management system for HR allows teams to:

  • Instantly access files from anywhere,
  • Run audit reports to keep track of required and renewable documents in employee folders,
  • and maybe most importantly – maintain rigid control over access to sensitive documents.

Since you have full control over the files that different teams, roles, and individuals can access in the system, there is no longer a need for record silos.  Consolidation is a powerful thing when you can centralize file management across the HR office, yet easily maintain compliance.

Staff can now access the files they need from anywhere, at any time without the lag time typically associated with a record request or employee verification.

Auto-File Staff Forms

A good portion of an employee’s file typically consists of forms they have either completed as part of the onboarding process, or post-hire forms like performance appraisals and the like.  Getting these forms completed on paper can be a serious challenge, so many HR professionals look for a digital solution.

A lot of HRIS providers have an onboarding module where new hires can complete their onboarding forms.  This works well for standardized documents like tax forms, but you are limited to the types of forms the HRIS allows to flow through the process.  

Many companies have moved to a more flexible process for their forms in the Human Resources department.  Electronic signature solutions like DocuSign, for example, can be used to get any type of form completed and signed online.  It can be used for onboarding forms, but also for post-hire forms like performance appraisals, policy acknowledgments, and requests. 

The best part about a more flexible solution like this is that it can also connect to an HR-specific filing system like DynaFile.  When everything is completed and signed, it is automatically filed in the employee’s digital folder in your filing system. 

Easily Manage Paper

A big hurdle a lot of HR folks run into is paper.  No matter how paperless your HR department goes, your team will inevitably still have someone handing you a piece of paper from time to time and you need an easy way to get it into their electronic folder. 

The other side of coin is that a lot of Human Resources offices haven’t made the transition to digital files just yet, which makes this subject all the more important to mention.

Scan-to-cloud filing systems have become exceptionally popular with HR.  These systems include scanning automation tools that allow your team to take a shortcut through the file conversion process.

DynaFile, for example, provides a barcode scanning method where you can convert and file an entire employee’s folder in one scan.  The system picks up from the barcodes exactly how to create the employee’s folder and file everything in the appropriate spot.  Going forward, you can also scan a batch of paper to the system and break it apart into different individual documents from your computer screen.  Using these two tools, most HR departments can be paperless in 30 days.

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If your HR filing system needs a face lift, give us a call today to see how DynaFile can help.  Our cloud document management solution is designed specifically for HR and has been helping companies work more efficiently since 2001. 

You can go paperless fast with scanning automation, streamline all of your form processes with automatic filing, and centralize file management for the entire team to eliminate record silos. 

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