Easy HR Audits All Year with Cloud Document Management

When the team moves from paper employee files to cloud document management, HR audit stress becomes a thing of the past.

Transform HR audits from a daunting task to a breeze with DynaFile's cloud document management! Enjoy automated reports, seamless renewals, and convenient remote auditor access. With 15+ years of expertise, we're revolutionizing how HR departments handle audits. Explore effortless HR auditing – book your free demo now!

With employee files on paper, HR audits can be an ongoing, stressful situation.

Now that many companies are moving to electronic employee files, it becomes easier to keep track of required forms in staff folders. Much of the traditional audit process can be streamlined using cloud document management for HR

Here’s how HR can have easier audits all year long by switching from paper to cloud document management. 

Automatic Reports

With a cloud document management system, HR can automatically keep track of required documents in employee folders.

An HR audit report checks the document management system against your team’s file requirements to see what is missing.  The system will produce a summary to show your team exactly which forms need to be added to employee folders, and which staff have documentation coming up for renewal. 

Paperless Renewals

When staff have forms that need to be renewed, managing employee files in the cloud can be extremely helpful. 

Employees can renew forms online and electronically sign them from anywhere, instead of coming into the HR office and going through stacks of paper.  HR can simply email forms to staff, or have them complete their documentation from a link on the company website. 

When everything is completed and signed, it is automatically filed in the employee’s folder in your cloud document management system for HR.

Remote Auditor Access

One of the best things about HR using a cloud document management system, is the ability to securely share files with off-site individuals like auditors. 

Next time an auditor requests files to review, simply give them limited access to just the files they want to see.  Your auditor can review all documentation remotely without ever stepping foot in the HR office. 

Easier Audits All Year

Tired of tracking paper?  Time to go paperless!

DynaFile’s cloud document management system has been helping HR go paperless for over 15 years.

Our unique scan-to-cloud filing solution gives HR a shortcut to electronic employee files, while providing all of the benefits of long-term cloud document management system. 

Contact us today for a free demo to see how it works!