Cooking Up a Paperless Plan for HR

Scan to cloud HR solutions provide a shortcut to paperless employee files with all the trimmings. 

Looking to modernize your HR department? DynaFile has the perfect recipe! Experience our scan-to-cloud solutions that make the transition to paperless HR effortless. From scanning automation and streamlined file management to electronic onboarding, we've got all the ingredients for your success. Treat your HR department to a seamless digital transformation - get a free demo today!

This time of year, many companies are looking to switch to electronic files and more paperless processes in the HR department.

With a scan-to-cloud filing solution, taking the HR department paperless fast is all gravy.

Here’s how to cook up a paperless plan and move to electronic employee files with all the trimmings. 

Scanning Automation

Having the ability to automate the conversion of your existing paper files in-house is a huge benefit.  Scanning automation allows your team to scan entire employee folders directly to the cloud for automatic filing. 

Need to bring in a stack of paperwork for different employees?  Simply scan it into the system and file the entire batch away from your computer screen.

Scanning companies can also do the initial back-file conversion for you.

Streamlined File Management

With your employee files in the cloud, it becomes easy to streamline file management for different teams. 

HR, Payroll and Supervisors can access the documents they need at any time, run audit reports to ensure folders are up-to-date, get a requested copy out to someone, and much more.

Electronic Onboarding

By replacing pen-and-paper processes with online forms and esignatures, HR can stop producing paper from Day 1. 

New hires can review, fill out and sign all of their onboarding paperwork electronically.  Once completed, it is automatically filed in their digital folder.

The process can be expanded for other forms like policy acknowledgements, performance appraisals, and more.

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