Cloud Document Management System Saves Staff Time and Frustration

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud document management systems to help staff handle files easier from anywhere.

Boost efficiency with DynaFile's cloud document management system. Replace cumbersome paper files with a secure, organized electronic system. Offering scan-to-cloud features, instant file access, e-signatures, and automated workflows, DynaFile ensures streamlined operations and satisfied employees. Explore the future of document management – contact us for a tailored solution!

With physical storage of documents in the workplace, worker productivity is lost due to dealing with poorly organized documents and records. With a user-friendly cloud document management system, productivity increases and employees experience improved job satisfaction. For these reasons and many more, companies are finding that an effective cloud document management system is critical for any area of business. 

What is cloud document management?

Document management software replaces your paper filing cabinets with a more secure, highly organized, electronic filing system. By choosing a “cloud” document management system, your teams can securely access the files they need instantly, from anywhere. This can eliminate paper files, bulky filing cabinets, time wasted searching for documents, and redundant copies of documents. 

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

A cloud document management system can bring big benefits to your office. By removing the need to perform many redundant tasks around filing and retrieving documents, your teams can save significant time and money by moving to the cloud. Some benefits include:

  • Secure, instant access to files from anywhere, at any time
  • The ability to securely share electronic files online
  • Report on files to ensure required and time-sensitive documents are up-to-date
  • Drag-and-drop documents directly into the system from your computer
  • Online forms, esignatures and workflows to replace pen-and-paper processes
  • Scan documents directly to the system with scan-to-cloud features

What is the easiest way to start?

If you’re currently using paper filing cabinets, but you want to move to a cloud document management system, look for scan-to-cloud solutions. Some document management software includes “scan-to-cloud” or “scanning automation” features. These scanning features are designed to work directly with the document management system.

You can use these scanning features to automate the conversion of entire paper file folders to electronic format. These tools are also extremely helpful for getting paper into the system going forward. If you have a stack of paper on your desk that needs to get filed away electronically, you can take advantage of certain scanning tools to get those files into the system quickly and easily. 

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DynaFile has been helping companies go paperless to recognize a higher level of efficiency for over 15 years. Our scan-to-cloud document management system provides a simple way to move from paper files to an electronic filing system. Scanning automation tools allow you to take an entire department paperless quickly and easily.

From there, your teams can securely access files from anywhere at any time. Replace pen-and-paper processes with online forms, electronic signatures and digital workflows. Best of all, your teams can always be sure all folders are up-to-date with required documentation through automated file audit reports. Contact us a call today to see if DynaFile would be a good fit for your office!