Best Document Management Software of 2019 Updates HR for Big Benefits

In 2019, the best document management software focuses on teams that deal with the most files. Think of HR for one of the best document management upgrades in 2019.

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As January ramps up, a lot of organizations are looking to improve processes for the coming year.  One of the biggest areas to consider is the filing or document management process.

But what exactly should professionals look for in the best document management software?  2019 is here and so is an ever-growing paperless trend.  It’s a good idea to start with areas of business that deal with the highest volume of paperwork first.

Here’s why you should think of the Human Resources team for one of the best document management upgrades in 2019. 

Centralized Document Management

These days, it is common practice for organizations to have remote staff and teams dispersed across many locations.  This tends to make document management difficult for HR as files can inevitably become silo’d in different places.  

For HR, the best document management software of 2019 will allow for centralized access to files.  Cloud solutions ensure files are instantly available across different teams, making record requests faster than ever before.

Simplified Record Compliance

When files are on paper or spread out across different systems, maintaining compliant employee records can be a huge challenge.  The best HR document management solutions in 2019 will make compliance easier for everyone involved.

Long-gone are the days of manually tracking required, expiring, and renewable documentation in staff folders.  Today’s document management systems can automate your folder checklists to show you exactly what files are missing, coming up for renewal, or expiring soon.  In a similar way, you can automate your retention rules to digitally shred documents once they’ve reached their term limit.  This can save compliance and credentialing teams a ton of time.

With files centralized in the cloud, you can easily lock down access to sensitive types of files, as well as define group-level access for roles like Payroll, Benefits, or Legal.  This cuts back on internal file requests significantly, while still giving you the option to make specific requested files available to an auditor or an attorney remotely. 

Long-Term Paperless Answers

Many groups are still working with paper files and the Human Resources department is no exception.  If you’re coming from a paper environment in 2019, the best document management software could be a scan-to-cloud solution. 

Scan-to-cloud document management systems have powerful scanning automation tools built right in.  These allow you to digitize and file entire employee folders with one single scan.  Going forward, batch scanning tools make it easy to scan in a stack of paper and easily file it away in the correct place from your computer screen.

To eliminate paper from the very beginning, look for a document management solution that includes online forms and e-signatures.  This allows for onboarding and other forms to be templated online to be used time and time again.  Staff can review, complete, and legally sign forms from the cloud without any paper generation.  Once finished, their forms are automatically filed in the correct location in the employee’s digital folder. 

Upgrade In Under 30 Days

Considering filing options for this year?  DynaFile is one of 2019’s best document management systems for HR.  For over 18 years, DynaFile has been helping organizations eliminate paper, increase productivity, and cut costs.

DynaFile is a scan-to-cloud document management system designed specifically for Human Resources professionals.  Contact us today for more information or a demo to see how DynaFile can give time back to your team.