Paperless Tickler File System Keeps Track of Time-Sensitive Documents

Keeping track of actionable documents and expiring forms across an organization can be tough. A tickler file system can help keep time-sensitive documents organized.

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Most productive businesses implement a tickler file system for keeping track of any actionable items, such as appointments, meetings, conferences, travel confirmations and pending activities. The traditional tickler file is arranged in a suspended file, accordion file or file folders. This tool is indispensable for keeping track of the things you need to do each day. Many businesses are investing in tickler file software to eliminate paper files and streamline their business.

Paperless Tickler File System
Tickler file software systematizes your time management by allowing you to check all your daily activities in one spot. You can keep track of due dates for contracts and invoices, expiration dates for important forms and anything else you need to run your office smoothly day to day. Unlike paper tickler files, you can find what you need immediately without sifting through a stack of paper, giving you more time to attend to business matters.

With an electronic tickler system, you can set up your file by day, week or month. Email reminders are sent directly to your Smartphone, so you’ll never miss an important due date. If you want to share your ticklers with team members or co-workers, you can even create shared files. You tickler file software also tracks task history and lets you create reports for time-sensitive documents.

Tickler software is secure and has privacy settings to ensure contact emails and phone numbers cannot be accessed. This is especially important for Human Resource Departments where all employees’ contact information is available.

Contact us at DynaFile for more information on implementing a tickler file system for your business. DynaFile is easily customizable to fit your business effectively, no matter the department or industry.