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Below you will find a variety of free downloadable guides, white papers, case studies and more. This information is designed to give you a better idea of how companies utilize DynaFile within their organization and to help your business make a smooth transition to a paperless office. Please click on the "Download" button next to the resources you are interested in to receive a free copy. Visit our Paperless Blog to pick up more tricks and tips or contact us today to see DynaFile in action.

Cloud Document Management
White Paper

What is SaaS? What is cloud document management and what are the benefits of switching to a cloud-based filing system?

"Cloud document management enables companies to store and retrieve files on the web without having to install any software programs. In the past, IT departments spent most of their time developing and managing a network data center and infrastructure to store and process electronic files. Today, SaaS providers deliver more functionality in a simpler and less expensive pacakage that doesn't require the rigorous space, labor and cost of an in-house operation."

Cloud Document Management White Paper

Paperless Office Guide

Paperless Office Guide

A quick start guide to going paperless.

"The management and storage of documents and information is critical to any business. A paperless filing system should house all documentation involved with daily operations as well as serve as a tool for prospecting, sales and compliance audits. In other words, don’t just go paperless, but make your paperless office work for you. Your paperless office solution should do everything to fill the gaps and maximize resources in your business."

HIPAA Compliance
White Paper

An overview of HIPAA compliance features.

HIPAA compliance is an important factor to consider when storing documents that contain protected information. This is especially critical for HR teams and companies in the healthcare industry. Learn about HIPAA compliance requirements for managing protected information and how DynaFile addresses them from the software level all the way down to the data center.

HIPAA Compliance White Paper

Comcast Case Study

Comcast Case Study

Leading national cable and internet provider seeks a more efficient way to manage files for their local advertising division.

"DynaFile has improved our productivity by over 50%; Eliminating the time required to retrieve documents and allowing each employee to have greater accuracy."

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