Is Your HR Team Ready for Audit Season?

An employee file audit can be a tough time for HR. Here’s how to prepare for an HR audit without all the stress.

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The HR team is responsible for ensuring employee files are up-to-date and managed with compliance.  When an auditor inevitably requests to check on your files, it’s critical that HR knows their files are current with all required information.  Here’s how to prepare for an HR audit the easy way using electronic employee files

File Audit Reports

With all of your HR files in digital format, keeping track of what’s in an employee’s folder becomes a lot easier.  Long-gone are the days of manually thumbing through each employee’s folder to find required documents and checking on renewal dates. 

Instead, use your HR filing system to automatically wrap up actionable documents into a summary audit report.  With these audit reports, keeping track of files become so much easier because HR knows exactly which documents need to be updated for specific staff and when. 

Paperless Renewals

When an employee has to renew a form or update documentation for their folder, they can now do so digitally as well.  Simply send staff a link to the forms they need to complete or have them fill them out on a computer or tablet in the office. 

Employees can review, fill out, and electronically sign all of their forms online.  Once everything is completed, signed forms are automatically saved in their folder for long-term file management. 

The workflows you can utilize this for are endless.  HR, for example, can use the same method for their entire onboarding process if desired.

Access for Auditors

We’ve talked about how electronic employee files can make audits much easier for HR, but did you know that most auditors prefer a digital audit process as well?  That’s because auditors can now review the files they need from anywhere.

Simply give your auditor limited access to the digital files they request.  They’ll be able to access and review just the files you made available to them remotely.  Auditors like it because they don’t have to travel and HR loves it because they don’t have auditors looking over their shoulder. 

Start This Summer

Need a way to streamline audits?  Start this summer!  DynaFile is an HR filing system that makes audits easy.  Keep track of files with audit reports, get forms renewed online, and give auditors remote access to the files they request.

Best of all, DynaFile allows your HR team to eliminate record silos and streamline filing across the entire department.  Consolidate documents from paper, different offices, and various systems into one centralized, HIPAA compliant filing solution. 

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