HR Goes Paperless by Moving Onboarding and Filing to the Cloud

Moving onboarding and file management to the cloud is a huge step towards a paperless HR department.

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If your HR team is thinking about going paperless, you’re probably considering a host of software solution options. There are a number of ways to cut back on the amount of paper generating inside the HR department. With a lot of paper being created from the onboarding process, many companies like to focus their attention on new hires first.

If all new employees can start their file without the need for any paper, you’re off to a pretty good start! It can be a little more difficult to figure out how to get all of your existing paper converted to electronic format. Here’s how HR departments are using cloud solutions to move to a paperless onboarding process and take a shortcut to electronic employee files.

It All Starts with Onboarding

The onboarding process produces a lot of paper. Instead of presenting your new hire with a stack of paperwork to complete on Day 1, why not send them their onboarding packet beforehand? When you move your onboarding process to the cloud, your new employees can review, fill out and legally sign all of their forms before their first day in the office. This can significantly reduce stress for your new hires and allows them to hit the ground running on their first day. Best of all, completed onboarding forms can automatically create the new employee’s folder – no need to print, copy or scan paper.

Converting Paper in Bulk

Implementing a paperless onboarding process is a great start, but like many companies, you probably still have a hefty archive of paper files for active staff that should be converted to electronic format. The traditional scanning process is simply too time-consuming for a project of this size. Instead, utilize a scan-to-cloud solution help take a shortcut to electronic employee files.

Scan-to-cloud filing systems utilize scanning automation tools to help convert entire employee folders at once. Barcode Processing is a good method for doing this. Simply slip barcoded cover sheets in front of each section of the employee’s file and scan the entire thing into the system. The barcodes tell the system exactly how to parse the folder and file everything inside as it is scanned. This can help you convert and file an entire employee folder in under 2 minutes or so. 

Managing Files Going Forward

Now that you’ve converted your paper files and have implemented an electronic onboarding process, managing files from the cloud couldn’t be easier. You can scan paper or drag-and-drop digital documents directly into an employee’s electronic folder from anywhere. Document retrieval is also instantaneous from anywhere, at any time. Have an audit coming up? No problem! Use file audit reports to ensure all folders are up-to-date with required documents and give your auditor secure, remote access to just the files they request to see. You can even segment access for different roles and responsibilities so staff can only see the documents they are authorized to view in the system.

Getting Started

Taking HR to the cloud to go paperless is simpler than you might think. Paperless HR solutions like DynaFile provide a great option for companies to make a smooth transition to electronic employee onboarding and file management. Our scan-to-cloud system has been helping HR departments reduce costs and increase efficiency for over 17 years. Contact us a call today to learn more and to see a free demo!