HR Files in the Cloud for Smoother Audits, Forms, and Team Access

When HR files in the cloud, employee records become easier to manage. Audits, form processes, and access across teams are all a little smoother.

Unlock the future of HR management with cloud-based employee files. Experience streamlined audits, effortless team access, and automated filing. DynaFile offers an efficient, secure solution tested over 18 years. Upgrade your HR file system for enhanced productivity. Explore our San Diego Zoo Case Study and book a demo now!

Employee files due for an upgrade?  You may not realize just how much time your HR team spends managing employee files.  Between file requests, audits, and new documentation getting misfiled or silo’d across systems, HR has their hands full.  

Moving to employee files to the cloud can save a lot of time in the Human Resources department, but not all filing solutions are created equal.  Here are some of the top benefits you should look for.

Smoother Audits

With cloud employee files, your filing system can be backed by a database.  That means that you can report on your files way easier than with a manual spreadsheet. 

Simply use a report to show you what required documents are missing from staff folders.  Run a similar report to check on renewable documentation to make sure everyone’s folder is up to date.

Best of all, when it’s time for an audit, you can do it remotely.  Make just the documents your auditor requests available to them securely from your cloud filing system. 

Easier Access

The cloud is also essential for centralizing employee file management.  In particular, larger organizations and companies with many offices see big benefits from consolidating HR records in the cloud.

Staff can add new documents and review the records they need from anywhere.  There’s no longer a need for lengthy file requests or backlogs of folders that need to go back to the file room. 

Security controls can be used to limit access to specific sections of files for different roles and teams.  This ensures only authorized eyes can see sensitive documentation, making compliance easier. 

Automated Filing

One of the biggest time savers of the cloud is reducing paper and automating HR’s filing process.  Forms, paper, and entire folders for employees can be filed much faster in the cloud.

Starting forms in the cloud is a great way to streamline onboarding and post-hire signature workflows.  Once staff have completed their forms, they are automatically filed in their folder with all of your access rules and reports applied.  No paper needed.

If you’re coming from paper files, a scan-to-cloud solution like DynaFile can give you a shortcut to digital.  Barcodes help automate filing while you scan to convert entire folders at once.  Working with paper moving forward is also easier with batch scanning where you can file right on your screen. 

Upgrade Today

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With DynaFile, your HR team can be managing employee files easier from the cloud in less than 30 days.  Our solution has been helping organizations save time and cut costs for over 18 years. 

Grab our San Diego Zoo Case Study for a closer look at paperless HR forms and files with DynaFile.