Digitize HR Now with Remaining Budgets & Drive Growth in 2022

Automate your employee file management solution to maximize efficiency and increase performance and productivity in the New Year with year-end budgets.

As 2022 unfolds, consider the transformative power of digitizing HR employee files with DynaFile. Boost efficiency, enhance productivity, streamline processes, reduce paper waste, and ensure compliance. Dive into the digital age, minimize hassle, and supercharge HR operations. Discover why leading HR experts trust DynaFile. Get started today!

As the New Year draws ever closer, many HR Leaders scramble to find effective ways to spend their remaining budgets in a way that aligns with their organization’s goals for the New Year. 

When deciding how to spend those last remaining dollars, it is critical to think strategically about what HR technology will help you reach those 2022 initiatives. Take a moment to list your goals and note any gaps in daily processes that slow down your workflow.

Could you be more effective in the coming year if you addressed any of the following? 

  • Reduce the time spent on manual tasks to maximize cost savings.
  • Address a large backlog of paper in the filing cabinet.
  • Prepare for growth and the onboarding of additional employees.
  • Implement tools and strategies that improve your employees’ work lives by making it easier to complete daily tasks. 
  • Increase Compliance and knockdown hurdles of employee file audits.

If you find that your business objectives align with any of the above, the end of the year could be the perfect time to add new technology to automate and streamline your daily processes. Your chosen employee file management strategy should solve these problems and pave the way for success in the New Year. 

Go Paperless and Instantly Connect Your HR Team to Employee Data
If you regularly receive paper documents, you may find a large backlog of paper in the filing cabinet. This manual process makes a paper-based employee filing system nearly impossible to keep organized. An extensive employee count, rapid growth, or high turnover only make it more difficult. 

DynaFile’s indexed filing solution allows you to store your documents in a secure cloud for instant access from anywhere, at any time. Instead of just dropping files in a folder and hoping you can find them later, every single document is indexed. That means you can effortlessly search to find it 2 or 10 years down the line. You can scan, upload, and retrieve documents quickly in batches instead of going one by one. And, best of all, HR can determine precisely how things are labeled and organized, making it a quick and easy transition to a new system. 

The right paperless HR solution should include scanning automation tools that work right with the filing system. Use these to take a shortcut through converting your paper files instead of wasting time with the tedious traditional scanning process. One of DynaFile’s highlight features, for example, allows you to scan an entire folder at once, and barcodes do all of the filings for you. Barcode recognition converts your paper employee files to electronic format quicker than you ever thought possible, and Batch processing lets HR easily handle the miscellaneous paper coming in. 

Streamline New Employee Onboarding
Employee onboarding is one of the many processes that have been challenging during the pandemic. Completing new hire paperwork on site is not always a viable option. Many companies rely on email, scanning, printing, and other unsecured ways to handle sensitive employee documents during the onboarding process. With many HR professionals working from home in today’s hybrid workforce, compliance and timely access to your files is a real issue.

Implement an electronic employee onboarding solution that gives you the tools to complete the onboarding process remotely. Go digital with online forms from trusted sources such as DocuSign and iCIMS that automatically create new hires’ folders inside DynaFile. From there, your team can easily add documents to staff folders. Streamline document management across the entire employee lifecycle to save time and improve compliance long term. You can connect to other platforms, simplify audits, and control access for different roles – all while ensuring documents are instantly available from anywhere. 

Simplify Employee File Audit Reports 
Keeping employee records up-to-date and compliant can be highly tedious, and the HR team is responsible for ensuring employee files are up-to-date and managed with compliance. When an auditor inevitably requests to check on your files, HR must know their files are current with all required information. 

Simplify your record audits with a system that automatically tracks required and expiring documentation in employee folders. Files are indexed and highly organized so you can control access to sensitive types of documents like I-9’s, medical, vaccination status, and other confidential records. 

Audits have now become seamless. Reports keep track of required and expiring documents in staff folders automatically, so there is never a scramble in the event of an audit. You can give auditors access to specific documents while eliminating file requests from payroll, location partners, and department managers, and they can view them remotely from the cloud.

Start Your Digital Transformation
The strategies you implement today can positively impact all departments of your organization and help you start the New Year with a game-changing solution to gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Learn why successful HR leaders have trusted DynaFile as their employee file management solution for over 20 years. Contact us today to schedule a tour and take the first step to eliminate paper and increase productivity.