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"Our goal is to share DocuSign and DynaFile Zoo-wide — to lead the way in making our Zoo a totally digital operation”

Stephanie Crise

San Diego Zoo HR Department

San Diego Zoo Paperless HR Case Study

Let's Take HR Paperless

DynaFile can help get your back-files converted fast and easily manage any additional paper coming across your desk. Best of all, DocuSign integration gives your team the power of electronic signatures, forms and workflows perfect for paperless onboarding and other documents like policy acknowledgements.

Completed and signed forms from DocuSign automatically publish into the new hire's electronic folder inside of DynaFile so there's no need to print, copy or scan. Adding documents to their folder over time is quick with a drag-and-drop virtual drive and batch scanning for paper files.

With other features like segmented access rules, audit reports and HRIS sync; DynaFile has become a popular solution for HR departments to move to electronic personnel files.

Paperless HR Guide

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"Managing your employee files on paper is a serious challenge. It’s all too easy to misplace an important document and seemingly quick tasks like retrieving a file can wind up taking much longer than they should. With the right tools and a practical strategy, switching to a paperless system can be an easy transition for HR. This guide is intended to introduce you to some of the key ways Human Resource departments can benefit from moving to digital and to get you started on the path to a paperless office.​"

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