DynaFile v3.8 Release Notes

Updated: March 10, 2020

Below is a list of the features and changes that are included in DynaFile version 3.8 which will be rolled out in March 2020.

New Features

  • DynaFile Companion, a much more robust update to SaveToDynaFile is available to install. More information on this client utility can be found at https://support.dynafile.com/companion.
  • In addition to DocuSign, Integrations with SignNow and Adobe Sign have been implemented for automatic document reception and registration.
  • All reports (both user and administrative) have been updated to the v3 interface.
  • All access assignment screens (for users and groups) now have an option to “Add All” and “Remove All” items.
  • User’s email addresses now support all valid top-level domain names.
  • The Two-Factor Authentication screens have had verbiage clarifications and UI updates.
  • To support service accounts, an administrator can choose to have a user’s password not expire, even if a password expiration policy is in place.
  • Certain user administration fields now allow for browser-based auto form completion.
  • All areas that previously required IE 11 in order to copy values to the clipboard (e.g. links and search queries) now work across all browsers.
  • Single-Sign On authentication providers have been updated to include OpenID Connect.

 Bug Fixes

  • If a password expiration policy was changed, existing user’s password expiration date was not being calculated properly until after their current password was changed.
  • Anonymous user registration has been disabled and administration options removed.
  • The previously used password validation was being enforced even when disabled.
  • In User Administration, the Office drop-down selector was not being sorted alphabetically.
  • Administrative users will be notified if they have less access permission than the user or group they are editing.
  • For lengthy lists in user and group access assignment, a scroll bar was not being displayed.
  • The deprecated “classic upload” feature has been removed.