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Three Steps To Ease The Transition To An Electronic Filing System

Switching to an electronic filing system can help streamline the entire office. Here's how to get there!

Going paperless is a big step for your organization. Making a switch to an electronic filing system can save time, money and space at your office. Some benefits include instant file access, the ability to report on files that might be missing or expired, enhanced security, and simpler audits. Moving from paper to an electronic filing system does not have to be a challenge, though.

The transition to a paperless system can be made a lot easier by following a few simple steps:

1. What are our …

The Importance Of Document Indexing

An "indexed" filing system can help streamline document management across the whole office.

The concept of document indexing has a variety of benefits in order to go paperless within your business. Imagine no longer having to sort through papers on your desk or dig through an overflowing filing cabinet to find a document you need. With a few keywords entered into the computer, your team can instantly retrieve the documents they need from anywhere, at any time.

Metadata Indexing

Document indexing is made possible using metadata properties. Metadata is simply "data about data". In …

Paperless Onboarding: Hiring for the Future

Paperless onboarding can significantly reduce stress and free up time for both new hires and HR staff.

Hiring can be one of the most complicated parts of running a business. There's so much paperwork. There are applications, tax forms, and numerous things to sign. Can you imagine what it would be like to hire someone without creating or processing a single sheet of paper? It is possible! Paperless onboarding is no longer a dream, it exists. Here are a few notes.

Electronic documents

Of course, with paperless onboarding, everything happens online. You'll have to upload all of your forms and …

How To Transition Your Business To Paperless Filing

Making the switch to paperless filing doesn't have to be a challenge.

Why are you still fumbling through massive file cabinets and ten-inch thick folders just to find one piece of information? Your business is constantly evolving, and so should your back office. Transitioning your business to go paperless may seem like a hassle, but a paperless filing solution helps make the process quick and easy with two key “scan-to-cloud” tools:

Barcode Recognition

This feature lets you digitize entire folders of information at once. Barcode cover sheets are inserted in …

Automate Filing By Scanning With Barcodes

Take a shortcut to electronic documents by using barcodes to automate scanning and filing.

The very last step in winning the battle of paper shuffling is going to electronic, cloud file storage. If you're looking to bring your current paper files to the cloud, you'll need to retrieve them and get them ready for their digital afterlife before you scan them. Filing with barcodes is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to convert a large amount of paper documents to electronic format. 

Barcode Cover Sheets

If you're converting thick folders for a specific subject, barcode cover …

Is Your HR Department Suffering By Using the Wrong File Management Solution?

HR departments are incredibly busy offices. Is your HR team suffering by using the wrong file management solution?

If current trends are any indicator, this is an extremely busy year for any large HR department. With Baby Boomers leaving many workplaces in droves and the largely unknown Generation Z entering, human resources departments worldwide must poise themselves for change.

Recent statistics show that about 27% of Millennials are currently in management positions, and experts expect that number to increase to 47% in the coming years. In many ways this seems like a change that should happen since …

How To Organize Electronic Files Efficiently

Keeping files organized can be a real challenge. Here are some tips on how to organize electronic files.

Do you often find yourself spending too much time trying to locate a document you need to access or having to help your co-workers find a specific file? If yes, it is time to learn how to organize electronic files.

A good system to organize your electronic files will help your team save valuable time on redundant admin tasks so focus can be put on more important things. Saving and keeping track of business-critical documents becomes quick and easy. The right system can also significant improve …

Human Resources Online Filing Cabinet Streamlines Employee File Management

An online filing cabinet can help HR departments streamline employee file management.

Most Human Resources departments have huge amounts of paperwork and many HR professionals spend a lot of time processing personnel documents. An average personnel file contains more than 40 different records. The moment a prospective employee fills out an application for a job at your company; their employee file begins and continues to grow throughout their career. The volume of files and information for each employee can be overwhelming. Storage and management of personnel documents in paper …

Scan to Cloud Technology: Why Sooner is Better Than Later

Scan to the cloud now to save your business time and money down the line.

Scan to cloud technology has evolved along with the advancements in the cloud itself and continues as a benefit to small business and big industries. Let me share a story with you about how it is beneficial to make this move sooner rather than later.

Many years ago, I worked for a construction firm that drilled water wells for both consumers and businesses. It was a family owned and ran business that the owner had inherited from his father and that he would in-turn pass to his brother-in-law …

Electronic Employee Files Help Protect Employee Information

It can be a challenge to securely manage staff information. Electronic employee files can help!

The HR department is responsible for storing and managing information on your staff. Tax information, emergency contact forms, disciplinary actions, performance reviews and more all need to be securely managed in the employee's folder. It starts to become a challenge when you think about how each employee's information has to be stored and retrieved by the right employees, at the right time. How can you maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA and keep your employee files secure, yet …

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