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HR Can Now Scan to the Cloud for a Shortcut to Electronic Employee Files

Scan-to-cloud filing systems are helping HR move to electronic employee files fast!

It's only a matter of time until paper employee files become unmanageable. It seems that no matter how hard the Human Resources team tries to keep folders organized and up-to-date, there is always a missing form or expired document that can get the company in hot water when an audit rolls around.

For an easier way to manage employee files, many HR departments are switching to electronic employee files; the most popular solution being a cloud filing system. These allow your HR, Payroll and …

Online Onboarding Forms Streamline Human Resources

Online onboarding forms are helping HR teams streamline employee file management across the entire department.

The onboarding process is one that is traditionally full of paper. New employees are required to review, fill out and sign a mountain of paperwork before they can join the team on their first day. Considering the variety of forms and documentation needed to cover different types of staff, the onboarding process can be extremely challenging. These days, more and more companies are moving to an electronic onboarding process to streamline new hire paperwork across the entire HR department.   …

Seasonal Companies Use Paperless HR To Ease Turnover Headaches

How to ease turnover headaches at seasonal companies. A look at a paperless HR case study with San Diego Zoo.

If you're at a seasonal company, you know the Human Resources team is working overtime. Ramping up staffing into the busy season is a huge challenge, but so is keeping track of the files generated going forward. Today, we're looking at a few key points from a paperless HR case study at San Diego Zoo to find out how they were able to benefit from the move away from paper with a mostly seasonal workforce.

Paperless From Day 1

When you're doing a lot of hiring, efficiency is key. There are a lot …

Employee File Audits Become Stress-Free with Paperless HR Solutions

Keeping track of employee files on paper can become a nightmare. Make HR file audits easy by going paperless.

The Human Resources department is responsible for managing quite an extensive document archive. With all of the forms and other documentation that's required to be stored in an employee's folder, it can be a serious challenge keeping it all organized and secure, yet accessible to authorized staff.

Compounding this challenge is the fact that you can be audited at any time to ensure all of this documentation is stored and managed in a compliant way. When your files are stored on paper, it can be …

Electronic Personnel File Project Brings Big Benefits To HR

HR departments can combat file management challenges with an electronic personnel file project. Here are some of the benefits of getting rid of all that paper.

Human Resources staff have their hands full when it comes to managing all of the paper coming through the department. From onboarding paperwork to ongoing performance appraisals and other documentation that needs to be added to employee folders, there is no shortage of paper-pushing around this office.

Keeping employee files organized and secure, yet accessible can be a serious challenge when everything is on paper. To combat this, many companies are taking on an electronic personnel file …

HR Goes Paperless by Moving Onboarding and Filing to the Cloud

Moving onboarding and file management to the cloud is a huge step towards a paperless HR department.

If your HR team is thinking about going paperless, you're probably considering a host of software solution options. There are a number of ways to cut back on the amount of paper generating inside the HR department. With a lot of paper being created from the onboarding process, many companies like to focus their attention on new hires first.

If all new employees can start their file without the need for any paper, you're off to a pretty good start! It can be a little more difficult to figure …

Give HR The Permanent Paper Vacation They Deserve

Take a shortcut to electronic employee files this summer!

With the summer here, it's time to start thinking about a little rest and relaxation. You deserve a break! With all the paper coming through the HR department, the whole team could probably use a vacation. In fact, why don't we make that a permanent vacation from paper! Here's how you can move to electronic employee files this summer quickly and easily, along with some of the benefits you'll notice once all that paper is out of the way.

Making the Switch Should Be Simple

Scanning your …

Electronic Onboarding Starts Employee Files Paperless from Day One

Why print and scan onboarding forms when your employee files can be electronic from the start?

If you're considering taking your HR department paperless, electronic employee onboarding is a great place to start. From general tax forms to company-specific forms and policy acknowledgements, we've all seen how much paper can be generated through the onboarding process.  

What makes it even more difficult is that the process is a always a little different for every company and typically also varies for different types of staff. This can make keeping onboarding forms organized and ready to …

How To Take HR Paperless in 30 Days

Paperless HR has become a popular topic lately and for good reason. Here's how you can take your HR department paperless in 30 days.

The advantages of electronic employee files are clear: instant access, faster filing, easier management across locations, enhanced security, powerful audit reporting, streamlined form-filling and esignature processes, and much more.

Although the benefits are huge, taking the department paperless can seem like a daunting task to a lot of HR directors, but it doesn't have to be! There are paperless HR solutions that can help automate the conversion of paper to electronic employee files and …

Cloud Document Management System Saves Staff Time and Frustration

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud document management systems to help staff handle files easier from anywhere.

With physical storage of documents in the workplace, worker productivity is lost due to dealing with poorly organized documents and records. With a user-friendly cloud document management system, productivity increases and employees experience improved job satisfaction. For these reasons and many more, companies are finding that an effective cloud document management system is critical for any area of business. 

What is cloud document management?

Document management software replaces your …

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