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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Online File Storage

Online file storage lets your employees find the business-critical information they need instantly and allows teams to collaborate more effectively.

With the plethora of technology and online services in the world today, choosing the right programs and systems to run your business efficiently can be overwhelming. Online file storage is a great way to keep your files organized and helps streamline business across the entire organization.

1. Easily Upload Files A scanner and computer software are all you need to scan and upload your documents to your online file system. There are many types of scanners to choose from to fit your business …

The Advantages to Using a Virtual Data Room

Collaboration and third party review just got easier. A virtual data room allows teams to store, manage and share documents online.

A virtual data room is an electronic alternative to a physical data room. It serves as a place to store, manage and share documents between a group of people using the internet. Documents created before electronic methods were put in place can be scanned and uploaded to the data room and electronic documents can be automatically saved directly into the system.

Access Files Anytime and From Anywhere A virtual data room gives employees the ability to access data from a virtual system any time of …

HR Document Management System Keeps Digital Employee Files Organized

Keeping personnel records organized is no easy task. A Human Resources document management system can help ensure your digital employee files are orderly and accessible.

There's nothing worse than losing an employee file. They contain loads of confidential information which can cause big problems if they are obtained by the wrong individual. That's why many companies are now implementing a digital method of storing their employee files. A human resources document management system is like an electronic filing cabinet, but with a lot of helpful features added. It keeps your digital employee files stored in a highly organized fashion and allows you to retrieve …

Paperless Tickler File System Keeps Track of Time-Sensitive Documents

Keeping track of actionable documents and expiring forms across an organization can be tough. A tickler file system can help keep time-sensitive documents organized.

Most productive businesses implement a tickler file system for keeping track of any actionable items, such as appointments, meetings, conferences, travel confirmations and pending activities. The traditional tickler file is arranged in a suspended file, accordion file or file folders. This tool is indispensable for keeping track of the things you need to do each day. Many businesses are investing in tickler file software to eliminate paper files and streamline their business.

Paperless Tickler …

Hybrid Filing System Manages Both Paper And Electronic Documents

Managing paper files along side electronic ones shouldn't be a chore. A hybrid filing system helps companies consolidate both to manage them more efficiency.

Going paperless in today's business world can be tough. Even when you've stopped generating paper internally, you still have to find a way to manage the paper files coming in from clients, partners, vendors, etc. A hybrid filing system helps companies do just this.

What is a hybrid filing system? A hybrid filing system combines document management software with scanning automation features. This allows you to consolidate all of your paper and electronic files in one place quickly and easily. …

Electronic Employee Files Allow HR To Run I-9 Audit Reports Instantly

I-9 audits conducted by the ICE have increased tremendously over past few years. An electronic employee file system can help HR be ready in the event of an audit.

Since 1986, employers have been required to complete and retain a copy of the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) for each and every employee. Over the past few years, the threat of being targeted by a federal audit for your I-9 forms has increased immensely. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) launched its new initiative in 2009. Since then, they have yielded a dramatic increase in employer audits, fines and arrests. To avoid costly fines and even jail time, it's …

Online Document Storage System Lets Business Go Paperless

An organized filing system is critical to any business. Online document storage systems provide an easier way to keep documents in order.

In this ever-developing digital age, it is important to improve your business's methods of file storage and organization. Utilizing an online document storage system is an easy way to keep files in order. It also saves a ton of time when filing and accessing documents.

Here are some of the ways online document management software can help your company improve efficiency:

Scan and Store: Digitally capture your paperwork with scan to cloud features. Scan to cloud software lets you automate …

Cloud HR Centralizes Dispersed Office Locations

Large organizations have a tough time managing HR information between multiple office locations. Cloud HR can help.

Any HR professional is no stranger to the seemingly endless stack of documents that collage the office. While computers have been helpful in storing this information for some time, the increase in dispersed business locations in recent years poses a unique challenge to those in HR. If there is more than one central office it can become very difficult to update data in a timely fashion while ensuring the information is available to all those who need it. The addition of cloud technology in any …

Paperless HR: Onboarding Software "Papers Up" New Hires Digitally

Bringing in a new employee generates A LOT of paperwork! Many organizations are now reviewing paperless onboarding solutions to help ease the pain.

Onboarding is tough on HR and new employees. There is a lot of information to review, fill out and sign which can be stressful to a new hire.. Not to mention your HR employee who gets to review, approve and file all of those documents away. Companies have been looking towards paperless onboarding for some time now to help make the process easier for both parties. 

How does HR go paperless? Before your department can start implementing a paperless onboarding process, you need to put an …

6 Ways Cloud Document Management Improves Your Business

Cloud solutions offer a variety of benefits over local software. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when switching to cloud document management software.

Technology keeps businesses running smoothly. Employees can generate, store, and organize documents using computer-based programs. Staff members can work remotely from home. Management personnel can keep in touch via digital devices. Job candidates can even apply for positions and submit resumes using HR terminals or online applications.

Tech-savvy operations already have an edge when it comes to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. An upgrade to cloud document management software can …

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