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Benefits Of Switching To An Electronic Filing System

An electronic filing system can help your organization in many ways. Discover some of the benefits of making the switch.

If you're still using the traditional paper filing method, the time has come to consider making the switch to an electronic filing system. Maybe your office is old school? Or maybe your boss just needs a little push in the right direction? Whatever the reason for keeping all of that paper around, take a moment to discover some of the benefits of implementing an electronic filing system in your office.

Improved security and compliance One of the great advantages of an electronic filing system …

Online Forms & eSignatures Give HR Paperless Onboarding Solution

Companies waste a lot of time getting new employees "papered up". Now HR can significantly reduce that time by utilizing online forms and esignatures for paperless onboarding.

Hiring a new employee entails a ton of paperwork. Tax forms, acknowledgements, agreements - along with various other documentation must all be reviewed and filled out by your new hire before they officially join the team. This can create quite the headache for employees in your Human Resources department. 

A traditional employee onboarding process - and one that many companies still use today - requires a lot of printing, copying, scanning, faxing and pen-to-paper form filling. This process is …

Online HR Software: Employee File Management on a Whole New Level

Online HR software can help your company significantly reduce paper and increase efficiency. See how countless other businesses are making the jump to the cloud.

Going paperless is a smart solution for any company’s busy HR department. The addition of online hr software can help streamline your organization in a big way. Suddenly, storing, retrieving and managing employee files becomes easier than you ever thought possible. If you're ready to simplify document processing in your HR department, get ready to join countless other businesses by making the great choice to go paperless.

The initial decision to go paperless may be difficult for HR directors  …

Electronic Filing System Helps HR Manage Employee Files

Paper files can cause a business serious headaches. Human Resource departments are looking towards electronic filing systems to manage employee files more efficiently.

Paper filing has become more or less, extinct. Nowadays, electronic filing systems are a universal trend that only seems to be getting stronger. Organizations utilize electronic filing systems in all industries and departments around the world. Besides saving thousands of trees and reducing your business' carbon footprint, switching to electronic files also saves money and boosts productivity. One such example is the use of electronic filing in Human Resources.

Regulations keep filing cabinets …

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using File Management Software

File management software is helping companies win the paper struggle. Here are 3 reasons why your business should be using it.

Although some more than others, the unfortunate truth about any area of business is that there are a lot of files that need to be dealt with at any given time. What makes matters worse is that many departments in even the most advanced organizations still use antiquated paper filing methods. In today's business world, this can cost a company a significant amount of time and money. Worse yet, as employees struggle to keep up with the pace of business, it becomes less and less of an initiative to …

Barcode Scanning Converts Entire Folder To Electronic Files

Barcode scanning can be used to help your company go paperless. Barcode cover sheets convert an entire file folder to electronic format in seconds.

Going paperless is no easy task, but it is definitely worthwhile. The productivity improvements and cost savings alone make it a business no-brainer, but there's also the fact that you'll be directly responsible for significantly reducing your company's environmental impact. With today's paperless automation tools like barcode scanning, businesses can transition to a electronic files quicker and easier than ever before.

Electronic filing systems index documents. To understand how barcodes can …

HR Tech: How To Keep Employee Files Organized

Keeping employee files organized and accessible is no easy task for HR. Making the switch to electronic employee files and a cloud-based filing system can help.

Human Resource departments deal with a lot of paperwork. With all of the documents that need to be retrieved from the filing cabinet on any given day, along with the stacks of paper that are constantly being added to employee files, time wasted on filing can really bog down HR. To reduce the time necessary to complete these redundant administrative tasks, more and more organizations are making the switch to electronic employee files. Cloud-based filing systems are a popular solution due to …

HR Filing System Ties It All Together

A cloud HR filing system can help Human Resource departments tie together ATS, HRIS and HRM like never before.

Most HR departments already use a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) along with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, a surprising number of organizations still rely on a paper-based system for storing employee files. Unfortunately, this does not allow HR to take full advantage of the benefits that these systems provide. A cloud-based HR filing system can help tie it all together.

The employee file gap Recruiters in your organization probably use an ATS like Taleo or Bamboo to …

Scanning Automation Converts Entire Personnel File To Electronic Format At Once

Taking your Human Resources department paperless is a challenging yet worthwhile task. Scanning automation can help by converting employee files to electronic format fast.

Going paperless can seem like a tremendous project for any HR department. Mindsets and workflows need to be adjusted to account for a digital document management process. The overarching challenge, however, is how to convert all of your paper employee files to electronic format. Luckily, there are now scanning automation tools that you can use to make the process quicker and easier than ever before.

Barcode recognition indexes employee documents as they are scanned. With a traditional document …

HR Filing System Software: Managing Employee Files Just Got Easier

Managing employee files can become a large burden on an HR department. Human Resources filing software can help keep employee files secure, organized and accessible.

Keeping employee files organized can be a huge challenge. If you're dealing with a paper-based filing system, it's all too easy to misfile an important document or let it become part of a large stack of papers, never to be seen again. Managing employee files can be tough even when using an HR information system system. Many HRIS software are primarily data-driven and if they include a document management module, it is not often practical for storing employee files. Human Resources filing system …

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