Floating Annotations

Streamline your review process!

Add annotations and other page-level markup to documents without effecting the original content.
Document Management Annotations 

Markup documents electronically.

DynaFile includes various online review features to help streamline your paperless workflow. Floating annotations can be added to pages of documents directly from your web browser. These annotations "hover" over the page so they do not interfere with the raw content of your document, but they can be permanently "burned" on to the document or included when sharing files. Annotation tools include sticky notes, text highlights, redaction zones, symbols, watermarks and more.

Page-Level Markup

Highlight text, redact sections of a page, add symbols and apply stamps without changing a document's original content.

In addition to sticky notes, DynaFile lets you add a variety of other page-level markup to documents. You can highlight text to bring attention to a specific area of the page for review or redact it to maintain security and compliance when sharing. Stamps and watermarks can be applied to convey status or confidentiality; and you can even add various symbols to the page for quick review.

Sticky Notes, Highlights, Redactions and Annotations
Digital Sticky Notes Document Management

Sticky Notes

Add floating sticky notes to a document to include review comments or instructions about specific sections of the page.

Page-level sticky notes can be added to documents to help authors and reviewers communicate back and forth about specific content. Sticky notes are time-stamped and include the author's name for easy collaboration between multiple users. Add them to the page by simply dragging and dropping them into the location of your choosing.

Burn To Page

Choose to include annotations and other markup when viewing and sending files or permanently burn them to the document.

The "burn to page" feature lets you permanently apply your floating annotations to the page of your document. Better yet, you can choose whether you would like to include your annotations when sharing your document via link, email, fax, etc. Including annotations when sharing files is for one time use and will not automatically burn them to the document.

Document Management with Annotations

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