Annotations & Organization

Markup pages easier than pen and paper!

Make annotations, highlight text, redact sections and add other floating markup to documents.
Cloud Document Management Annotations

If you want to work with scanned documents as easily as physical paper, DynaFile provides you the means to do so. From being able to rotate and delete pages, to copying and merging pages from multiple documents, to annotating, marking up and redacting documents, DynaFile provides the tools you need to make the transition from paper to paperless effortless.

  1. For any scanned document, users will be able to both rotate and delete and or all pages (based upon their security level).
  2. Multiple documents can be combined into a single document or individual pages of one document can be copied or extracted into a separate document.
  3. A wide range of annotation and markup tools are provided to highlight, redact (black out), stamp or notate. These annotations float above the raw document - never modifying the original content - and users have the option to include these annotations when they open, print, email or fax the document.

Cloud Document Management Annotations