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  • The Advantages to Using a Virtual Data Room

    Collaboration and third party review just got easier. A virtual data room allows teams to store, manage and share documents online.

    A virtual data room is an electronic alternative to a physical data room. It serves as a place to store, manage and share documents between a group of people using the internet. Documents created before electronic methods were put in place can be scanned and uploaded to the data room and electronic documents can be automatically saved directly into the system.

    Access Files Anytime and From Anywhere A virtual data room gives employees the ability to access data from a virtual system any time of …

  • Secure File Sharing For Business Prevents Breaches

    Secure file sharing should be a crucial element of your organization's workflow. The importance of restricting the access of sensitive information to only authorized parties cannot be understated. Here are some tips on how to keep your business-critical information safe in transit.

    Your business probably already utilizes some of today’s popular cloud technologies. Whether its for storing and accessing data or for easier collaboration, cloud applications are becoming the norm. They provide 24x7 secure remote access and more efficient backup and recovery - all with less maintenance than in-house systems.

    But while your project teams are enjoying the advantages of collaborating on reports and having forms filled and signed quicker online, you have to wonder - are these …