What our clients say

"DynaFile has improved our productivity by over 50%; Eliminating the time required to retrieve documents and allowed each employee to have greater accuracy."

Document Management Solutions

Streamline the way your business stores, manages and
shares information with DynaFile's online filing system

​Electronic File Management for Your Industry

DynaFile's web-based filing system provides an effective electronic document management solution for any industry. Improve secure file storage, accelerate record retrieval and collaborate more efficiently across the entire organization from any computer or mobile device. Learn how DynaFile's paperless office system makes document management easy for your industry:


A Great Solution for Individual Departments

One of the greatest things about DynaFile’s document management solution is the flexibility of the system. Individual departments can have their own digital filing cabinets tailored specially for their business process. This level of customization can take a few weeks or even up to several months to achieve in less configurable systems. However, a typical DynaFile implementation takes less than 24 hours and is setup for you according to your department’s specific needs.


Share Information Securely Internally & Externally

DynaFile makes it extremely easy to share information securely both internally and externally. Access rights can be granted to user groups or individuals based on permission level and can be applied to file folders or individual documents. Internally, authorized users can pull up files instantly by searching on their document properties. External departments, vendors and clients can be given permission to access specific areas of the system to exchange information via a portal environment or use secure, encrypted links to share documents via email.


Collaborate Efficiently Across the Entire Organization

Included in every installation are value-added collaboration and annotation tools. DynaFile provides a simple and efficient way to manipulate documents directly from your web browser. Reviewers can highlight text, leave floating annotations and apply stamps of approval without changing the original content of the document or burn them directly onto the page. Documents can also be split, combined and rotated in seconds while viewing the file in the system.


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